Blackbeard’s Last stand Period1 * Introduction(show the picture of Blackbeard) (1) Tell us about some famous pirates you know. (2) What do you think of pirates? (3) Talk about Blackbeard. · who (Edward Drummond) · where (British) · when (At the height of his fame between 1716--1718) · how (Pure evil) (4) Find some descriptions. · appearance (P5 He was huge and struck fear into the hearts of his victims.P8 They said Blackbeard was a giant of a man-more than 2 metres tall. His dark beard covered half his face.) · words · adj. (Come on you dogs! Let’ make a hell of our own and see who can last the longest.) s (Daring dangerous crazy) * Chapter 1 (1) Robert Maynard (in Royal Navy) & the letter  what does the letter tell us? (The letter orders him to hunt down the pirate Blackbeard and bring him back, dead or alive.) (2) Find some tales (stories) of Blackbeard to show that he is scary. (He shouts at his man and bursts to the cabin. His pirates would follow him down into the hold-the dark space under the deck. No one dared to disobey their captain. Then he would light fires in that dark place. Until his man rush out then he come to the deck roaring with laughter.) (3) What did the crew do \ feel \ say? (“Beg you pardon sir, but the man have asked me to speak. They don’t like the sound of this.”)  They are terrif!! P.S. Read P 13-14, you can know the crew is really terrif of Blackbeard. * Chapter 2&3 [Before the war] (1) What is important before a war? ·Intelligence[情报] (Intelligence is information that is gathered by the government or the

army about their country‘s enemies and their activities) ·Plan[部署] (A plan is a method of achieving something that you have worked out in detail beforehand ) ·Weapon[武器] (A weapon is an object such as a gun, a knife, or a missile, which is used to kill or hurt people in a fight or a war) (2) Find the Intelligence Plan Weapon (It was sitting in a bay called Ocracoke Inlet) (Wait till morning instead of attack now) (A sloop was small and fast, but Captain didn’t have any cannons) [War begins] (1) Weather (a cold mist rolled in from the sea) (like a giant) (p26--p27) (2) Appearance (3) Words between Blackbeard and Robert Maynard * Chapter 4&5 [During the war] (1) Make a list of action and sound to show the war was heat. (Work in group) · sound (boom crash screams cries whistle) · actions (fire back keep a steady fire on thrust his sword ) [Trap] (1) What is Maynard’s trap? (2) How does he do it? (How does Munro help him?) (3) How is Blackbeard at last? P.S. So from this chapter, can you know the personality of Maynard and Blackbeard? [Maynard] [Blackbeard] brave clever cruel calm famous scary daring rude pure evil (4) Can you retell the story (P28-45) (Work in group) * Question time [1] Why did the pirates cut their ropes and what did Captain and his mates do? [2] Find the sentences about the big guns . [3] Do you think the war was heat? And tell us your reason.

[4]Did the cannonball shook Captain’s boats? [5] What do you think of the Captain and why? (e.g.: brave, calm…..) [6]Why did the Captain tell his mates to get below decks? [7]There was a big explosion, was it a cannonball? If not ,what’s that? [8]What’s the captain’s trap? Guess what will happen next? [9]Find the description of Blackbeard and try to act . [10]Give this part a title and retell what happened. [11]Who saved captain and killed Blackbeard? [12]Do you think Blackbeard is good at fighting? Period2 (1) What can we learn from this book? (2) Can you tell us about what Alan MacDonald’s writing style is? (3) Share your favorite part and your reasons. (4) Find the metaphors and similes 反思 这是一篇条理十分清晰的叙事性文章,可以通过对每一章节的学习与讨论,来分析人 物的性格,这点十分重要。

如,可以在 Blackbeard 的 Tale 以及船员对他的印象中感受到他 的恐怖,在 Maynard 顽强反抗中感受到他的坚韧以及富有经验。

虽然以前也有上课的经历,但经验仍不足,所以有时上课思路会不清楚,一堂课思路 清晰,结构完整,使学生可以热情投入的课才是最重要的。

我觉得这需要课件的完整,内容 有选择且都较为重要,以及老师的思路清晰(至少你所问的问题,自己需知道答案) 。

课前 的准备十分重要,课堂上的临场发挥也十分重要,特别是与学生的交流,对学生的点评,体 现出一个老师是否专业。

我认为这是一个很好的,检验预习课文是否到位的方式,身为一位老师,应该比学生 更了解文章的主要内容, 可以更好地了解这个故事。

, 我相信这也是学习英语中的一种特别, 且行之有效的2017最新注册送金娱乐网。


Let’s start from here! ! ——Chris Mandy Charlotte Bob

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