game 1 /ɡeɪm,gem/ n. S1 W1 英 [ɡeɪm] MEANINGS 义项 1. ACTIVITY OR SPORT 活动或体育运动 → ball game → board game → video game → war game [C] an activity or sport in which people compete with each other according to agreed rules 〔有规则 的〕游戏;体育活动 •We used to love playing games like chess or backgammon. 我们以前喜欢玩国际象棋或双陆棋 这样的游戏。

an occasion when a game is played 〔一场〕游戏;比赛 •Did you see the game on TV last night? 你昨晚看了电视转播的那场比赛吗? a game of tennis/football etc •Would you like to have a game of tennis? 你想打一局网球吗? [+ against/with] •England’s World Cup game against Holland 英格兰对阵荷兰的世界杯赛 2. games [plural] a large organized sports event 大型运动会

•the Olympic Games 奥林匹克运动会 organized sports as a school subject or lesson 体育课 •We have games on Thursdays. 我们星期四上体育课。

•a games lesson 一堂体育课 3. PART OF A MATCH 比赛的一部分 [C] one of the parts into which a single match is divided, for example in tennis or bridge14 局;盘 •Graf leads, two games to one. 格拉芙以局分 2 比 1 领先。

4. CHILDREN 儿童 [C] a children’s activity in which they play with toys, pretend to be someone else etc 游戏 •The boys were playing a game in the backyard. 男孩们在后院里玩游戏。

[+ of] •a game of hide-and-seek 捉迷藏游戏 5. sb’s game SKILL 技能

how well someone plays a particular game or sport 某人的比赛技巧,某人的运动技能 •the strongest aspect of his game 他比赛技巧中最强的一面 improve/raise your game •Liam’s taking lessons to improve his game. 利亚姆在参加课程提高运动技能。

6. give the game away to spoil a surprise or secret by doing or saying something that lets someone guess what the secret is 〔因行为或言语而〕泄露 •Lynn gave the game away by laughing when Kim walked in. 林恩在金走进来的时候笑出了声, 泄露了。

7. beat sb at their own game to beat someone or fight back against them by using the same methods that they use 以其人之道还治其人之身 8. be a game NOT SERIOUS 不严肃的

to be something that you do to enjoy yourself rather than for a serious purpose 是个游戏,是儿戏 •It’s just a game to them. They don’t care what happens. 这对他们来说只是儿戏,他们并不在 乎会有什么样的后果。

9. play games (with sb) to behave in a dishonest or unfair way in order to get what you want 欺骗(某人),(跟某人) 耍花招 •Are you sure he’s really interested, and not just playing silly games with you? 你确信他是真的 感兴趣,而不是在跟你耍鬼把戏? to not be serious about doing something (跟某人)玩游戏,(跟某人)闹着玩 •We want a deal. We’re not interested in playing games. 我们要的是达成协议,没有兴趣闹着 玩。

10. ANIMALS/BIRDS 动物/鸟 [U] wild animals, birds, and fish that are hunted for food, especially as a sport 野禽,野味〔尤指猎物〕 → big game •game birds 猎的鸟 11.

the only game in town used to say that something is the only possible choice in a situation 唯一的选择 •The Church of England is no longer the only game in town. 英格兰圣公会不再是唯一的选择。

12. BUSINESS 行业 [singular,单数] informal an area of work or business 行当,行业 •I’ve been in this game for over ten years. 我干这一行已经有十多年了。

13. what’s her/your etc game? spoken used to ask what the true reason for someone’s behaviour is 她/你等为什么这样做?她/你等在搞什么名堂? •Reg is being very nice all of a sudden. What’s his game? 雷吉一下子变得非常友好,他在耍什 么花招? 14. the game’s up spoken used to tell someone that something wrong or dishonest that they have done has been discovered

戏该收场了,事已败露 •Come out, Don. The game’s up. 出来吧,唐,戏该收场了。

15. a game of chance a game in which you risk money on the result 碰运气的游戏,赌钱的游戏 •Poker is a game of chance. 扑克牌是一种碰运气的游戏。

16. sb got game informal used to say that someone is very skilful at doing something, especially a sport 某人很在行〔尤指体育运动〕 17. be on the game informal to be a prostitute 干那种行当,当妓女,卖淫 18. game on

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